SimpleStats v1.5

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Project Admin: Eric J. Peters

This page is the homepage for the SimpleStats project at SourceForge. However, there is not much data here at this time. Please be patient while this page comes of age.

My current goal is to have a 2.0 release that supports a wide array of statistical functions for any fundamental datatype via C++ templates. The package will be self documenting through Doc++ and will contain advanced features such as single and paired data routines, and graph generation through the GD package. The code will be designed to run under Linux, I'll be using a RedHat based distribution.

The code, however, is looking good. I have used the code that this is based on for several years - and it proved reliable. The original intent is a little lost, but the code behind the original intent was stable and clean, so I decided to use it as the foundations for a full featured stats pack. (That original intent was speed on a very small scope of functions and data, in case you were wondering.) You can get a peek into this codebase here:

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